Prosperse Development Update 01

The first product release

Last updated: Feb 18, 2023

Author: Nathan Nobert

We are excited to announce multiple updates to our systems since the initial beta release. We've listened to your feedback and worked hard to deliver a range of new features for you to make informed trades and stay ahead of the game.

With this update, we've introduced backtesting, new widgets to our dashboard, live position monitoring, and a guided walkthrough tour! Alongside these user features, we're hard at work constantly improving our performance to give you the best user experience possible.

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Backtesting widget

We are thrilled to announce that Prosperse has integrated an exceptional backtesting feature, which is an indispensable component of any trader's toolkit. You can now test your custom scanners against historical market data and evaluate how any strategy could have performed against the entire stock market history

This groundbreaking feature enables you to explore and test any strategy that you can envision, and assess its viability for future trading decisions. Moreover, it allows you to run targeted tests on specific industries within the stock market, as you can selectively choose any subset of tickers for backtesting.

The future of the market is uncertain, but with Prosperse's advanced backtesting feature, you can plan your trading strategy with confidence. Make informed decisions based on past market trends and create a profitable future for yourself. We're excited to see what you'll achieve with this incredible feature!


Dashboard widget

The Prosperse dashboard is now the central hub for all your trading activities! Our latest update has significantly enhanced your ability to monitor your positions and custom scanners in real-time, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

You can now view live updates of your position prices on the dashboard and follow a ticker's candles using our advanced TradingView implemented chart. With Prosperse, your custom scanners run 24/7 while the market is open, ensuring that you never miss out on valuable trading opportunities. We pride ourselves on delivering prompt notifications as soon as we detect a result from one of your scanners, ensuring that timing is always on your side.

Stay on top of your position statuses with Prosperse's all-in-one dashboard and capture those intraday gains with ease. Experience the power of Prosperse at your fingertips and take your trading to new heights!

Guided Tour

Start of the guided tour

At Prosperse, we understand that trading can be challenging, and adopting a new system can be overwhelming. That's why we've added an in-app guided tour to help you create your first automated system scanner with ease.

Our guided tour is designed to demonstrate the power of scanning the market and how you can leverage it to your advantage. It will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial, enabling you to quickly grasp the fundamentals of using our app and navigate the platform like a pro.

We're confident that with our guided tour, you'll soon realize the limitless potential of Prosperse and be on your way to becoming a skilled trader. Join us today and start your trading journey on the right foot with Prosperse!

The guided tour explaining scanners

The next time you log in, you'll be prompted to take the tour and experience all that Prosperse has to offer. We can't wait to hear your feedback on the guided tour, as we're always looking for ways to improve and enhance our users' experience.

Technical Updates

For those interested in our technical updates, we would like to share that our lead engineer, Mark, has been consistently implementing performance enhancements to our systems to ensure a seamless user experience within Prosperse. We are committed to providing our users with access to the latest market data at unparalleled speeds.

Currently, our team is focused on an extensive overhaul of our data ingestion system to ensure that our complex scanners are able to function effectively and provide accurate results. Due to the significant volume of stock market data that needs to be processed, it is imperative that we exercise due diligence in designing our systems to store, retrieve, and access this data. Upon completion of this task, we will being able to offer our users even more data for charting purposes and a significantly faster scanning experience.

At Prosperse, we are dedicated to providing our users with the most advanced and high-quality technology possible. We believe in producing nothing but excellence and take great pride in our technical updates.

By keeping you informed, we're demonstrating our commitment to excellence and our unwavering focus on delivering the best possible trading experience. We value our users' feedback and strive to provide the most advanced technology, so you can achieve your trading goals with confidence.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read our development update! We appreciate your support and value the feedback from many users during our beta.

At Prosperse, we are committed to building a strong and collaborative community with our users. We believe that your feedback is invaluable in shaping the direction of our platform, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with us.

If you have any feedback or questions about Prosperse, we encourage you to reach out to us directly. We would be happy to connect with you and answer any questions you may have. You can contact us to get in touch with our team.

Thanks again for your support and for being a part of the Prosperse community. We look forward to continuing our journey together.

The Prosperse team

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