Screen for Stocks Easier

Streamline your analysis by creating a personalized stock screener

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Unlimited possibilities, minimal effort.

Create your custom scanners with our powerful scanner builder. You can scan for any technical or fundamental condition you can think of.

100% Customizable Screeners

If you can dream it, you can build it. Automate technical analysis with indicators as conditions at the click of a button.

Create multiple scanners to scan for different setups, using our no-code strategy builder.

Prosperse custom scanner

Execute Scanners for Instant Results

Leverage live scanning technology to pinpoint stocks that align with your selection criteria.

Our systems are designed to handle the load, so you can focus on your trading.

Prosperse custom scanner

24/7 Background Screening

All of your scanners will run automatically in the background. You will be notified in real-time when results are found.

Screener Options

Prosperse scanner in summary list
  • Open/Edit: This button simply opens up the scanner back to the editor popup to let you make any changes.
  • Execute: This button executes your scanner immediately, providing you with a list of all results found.
  • Duplicate: This button creates a clone of the scanner clicked. This will open the edit popup so you can make minor tweaks and save a completely new scanner based on your cloned scanners details.
  • Backtest: This button sends the scanner to our backtester in a new tab. This lets you test your scanner against historical data to see how it would have performed in the past. You can also make changes to your scanner and re-run the backtest to see how your changes would have affected the results.
  • Disable: This button toggles a scanner to be either active or inactive. The icon and the status column will update to reflect the scanners current status.
  • Delete: This button will delete your scanner. This action cannot be undone, so be careful!

Simple Backtesting

Instantly test your scanners anytime without stopping them. Customizable backtesting options let you perfect your strategy.

Send you created scanners to the backtester, letting you tweak your strategy to find the best setups.

Prosperse backtester

Education Hub

Learn how to maximize your trading potential with our educational resources.

All-in-one Dashboard

Manage charting, scan results, watchlists, and live positions all in one place. View your positions and performance in real-time.

Prosperse custom screener

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of using a stock screener?

Stock screeners provide a vital advantage in stock market analysis by allowing investors to filter and sort stocks based on specific criteria such as market capitalization, industry, price changes, and volume. This targeted approach helps in identifying potential investment opportunities efficiently, saving time and enhancing the decision-making process.

How can a stock screener improve investment strategies?

A stock screener is a powerful tool for refining investment strategies. It helps investors identify stocks that align with their investment goals and risk tolerance. By using various filters and indicators, a screener can uncover hidden opportunities and assist in diversifying portfolios, ultimately leading to more informed and strategic investment decisions.

What features should I look for in a good stock screener?

An effective stock screener should offer real-time data, a wide range of customizable filters, ease of use, and robust backtesting capabilities. The ability to save and modify screening criteria and access to comprehensive market data are also important. These features collectively empower investors to conduct thorough market analysis and make well-informed decisions.

Is a stock screener useful for both beginners and experienced investors?

Yes, stock screeners are valuable for investors at all levels. Beginners benefit from the guided approach to market analysis, while experienced investors appreciate the depth of data and customization options. A good stock screener should offer an intuitive interface for newcomers and advanced features for seasoned traders.

Can stock screeners help in identifying market trends and opportunities?

Stock screeners are instrumental in spotting market trends and potential investment opportunities. By analyzing historical data and current market conditions, screeners can highlight stocks that are showing signs of growth, value, or momentum, helping investors to capitalize on market movements and trends.

Stock screening has never been easier.

Excellent user experience and design makes Prosperse the best stock screener on the market.