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Welcome to Prosperse AI: Your Intelligent Stock Screening Companion

Where processing power meets investment strategy. Prosperse AI is your go-to tool to learn from your investments and make smarter decisions.

Prosperse AI Chatbot

Unlock the Power of AI for Smarter Investment Strategies

At Prosperse, we understand that navigating the stock market can be complex and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve introduced Prosperse AI, an advanced chatbot designed to revolutionize the way you interact with our platform.

Integrates Seamlessly

Prosperse AI is seamlessly integrated into our platform, providing you with intuitive and interactive ways to explore the stock market. With just a few clicks, you can:

  • Connect with Prosperse AI: Engage in real-time conversations with our AI chatbot.
  • Discover Strategies: Uncover investment strategies tailored to your goals and risk appetite.
  • Execute Actions: Perform stock screening actions directly through the chat interface.
Prosperse AI Chatbot

Get instructions to building a scanner

Help build me a strategy to notify me when Tesla stock price goes above the 25 SMA.

Sure! To build a condition for Tesla (TSLA) where you are notified when the price goes above the 25-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), you can use the Prosperse no-code strategy builder. Here’s a step-by-step guide:
Navigate to the Scanners Page: Go to the Scanners section in Prosperse.

Create a New Scanner: Click on “Add Scanner.”

Provide a name for your scanner, such as "TSLA Above 25 SMA."

Select the time span as "Daily."

Choose Tesla (TSLA) as the ticker to scan

Set Up Conditions:

Open the condition builder.

Add a new condition by selecting "Condition" type.

Set the first operand to be the "current price" (this can be found as last candle's close).

Set the middle operator to "greater than" (>).

Set the second operand to be the "25-day SMA"

Save and Execute:

Save your scanner.

You can manually execute the scanner to see results, but I'll also notify you in real-time if Tesla's price goes above the 25 SMA.

Find Strategies with Ease

Prosperse is equipped with cutting-edge technology to analyze market trends personalized to your investment strategies.

  • Identify Opportunities: Spot potential investment opportunities with AI-driven insights.
  • Analyze Trends: Get a deeper understanding of market movements and stock performance.
  • Stay Informed: Receive timely updates and alerts on stocks that matter to you.
Prosperse AI Chatbot

Track a Stock Position

Open a position on Nvdia for me.

I would love to! I need a few extra details first:

The price at which you want to open the position.

The number of shares, and if its a short or long position.

And your stop loss and take profit levels.

Lets get 250 shares at the current price.

I want to set a stop loss at 10% below the current price, and a take profit of 25%

Got it! I will open a long position for 250 shares of Nvidia (NVDA) at the current price of $123.76.

Based on the price, your stop loss will be set at $111.38 (10% below the current price), and your take profit will be set at $154.70 (25% above the current price).

You should see this position listed in your positions tab. I will also notify you if the price reaches your stop loss or take profit levels.

Experience the Future of Stock Screening

Join the Prosperse community and experience the future of stock screening with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Embrace smarter investing with Prosperse AI – your intelligent, reliable, and always-available stock screening companion.