Building Scanners

When you first login to Prosperse, you will be prompted with a guided tour that takes you through the process of building your first scanner. However, you can refer to this guide if you need a refresher.

Step 1: Creating a New Scanner

When you login, you will be taken to the dashboard. This contains a summary of your account, including a chart, a list of recent scan results, and any positions you have open.

Navigate to the Scanners page from the sidebar menu.

Next, click on the New button near the top to open the scanner creation popup.

Here is what it will look like:

Prosperse scanner

Step 2: Setting Your Scanners Properties

Here is a description of what each field does:

  • Name: This is the name of your scanner, it is what will be referenced when you get a scan result.
  • Time span: This is the base time span for the scanner. This determines closure conditions for the scanner. This does not affect the time span of the conditions you set.
  • Maximum candles: This determines how many candles a position opened from this scanner should stay open for. At the end of this candle count, you will receive a notification to close the position.
  • Templates: These are some preset scanners that you can use as a starting point. These are good for learning how to use the scanner builder.
  • Tickers: This is a list of tickers that you want to scan. You can add tickers by clicking the select button in the field, and then typing in any ticker you want. Keep in mind that Prosperse allows you to scan against an unlimited number of tickers at once. This is a great way to scan for setups across multiple stocks.

    If you leave this field blank, the scanner will scan against all stocks in the market. This is indicated by the placeholder text stating "All tickers".

  • Use Extended Hours: This checkbox determines whether or not the scanner should scan against extended hours data.
  • Description: This is a text area for you to write a more detailed description of what your scanner does.
  • Open condition & Close condition: These buttons toggle which subset of the below conditions you add apply to a position. The open condition essentially means "search for these conditions to notify me to open a position". The close conditions are conditions that should trigger once you have a position opened already, this will notify you when you should close your position.
  • No-code Condition Builder: The bottom area of the popup is where you will build your conditions. You can add as many conditions as you want, and you can nest conditions within each other.

    Conditions work with a "And", "Or", and "None" boolean type logic. This means you can create groups that will only trigger if all conditions are met, or if any condition is met in one of the multiple groups. The "None" boolean type is useful for creating conditions that should not be met.

    This lets you create extremely powerful conditions that can be as simple or complex as you want.

    For example, in the below image we have a basic scanner that will notify you when any stock dips below an Relative Strength Index (RSI) level of 30.

    Prosperse RSI scanner

Make sure to click Save in the bottom right corner to save, and activate your scanner.

Step 3: Wait For Results & Backtest!

Now you will see your scanners in the list of scanners. You can see the status of your scanner in the Status column. If it is Active, it is currently running and will notify you when it finds a result. If it is Inactive, it is not running and will not notify you of any results.

Step 4 (Optional): Execute Scanner for Immediate Results!

By clicking the Play button, you can immediately execute your scanner and get a list of results. This is useful if you want to see what your scanner will find before you wait for it to run on its own.

Prosperse scanner in summary list

Here is a description of what each button does from the scanner list, start with the left button:

  • Open/Edit: This button simply opens up the scanner back to the editor popup to let you make any changes.
  • Execute: This button executes your scanner immediately, providing you with a list of all results found.
  • Duplicate: This button creates a clone of the scanner clicked. This will open the edit popup so you can make minor tweaks and save a completely new scanner based on your cloned scanners details.
  • Backtest: This button sends the scanner to our backtester in a new tab. This lets you test your scanner against historical data to see how it would have performed in the past. You can also make changes to your scanner and re-run the backtest to see how your changes would have affected the results.
  • Disable: This button toggles a scanner to be either active or inactive. The icon and the status column will update to reflect the scanners current status.
  • Delete: This button will delete your scanner. This action cannot be undone, so be careful!

You can view your scan results from either the dashboard widget, or the sidebar option "Scan results" which brings you to a full page of them. Scanner results are also sent to your email, so you can view them there as well.

Building a scanner with Prosperse could be the best decision you make for your trading career. It will save you time, and help you find the best setups.

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