Prosperse Development Update 02

Custom-built Chart System

Last updated: Sept 17, 2023

Author: Nathan Nobert

Welcome back to another development update, we're thrilled to have you here and we could not be more excited about the future of Prosperse and our advanced tooling for investors! Your continuous support and valuable feedback have been instrumental in shaping the direction of Prosperse, and we're truly grateful.

As we continue to work hard to provide you with the best trading experience possible, we've got some groundbreaking news to share that we believe will set new industry standards and revolutionize how you engage with financial markets.

Key Takeaways

  • - Custom built charting system
  • - Maximum performance and user experience
  • - Multi-ticker view with multiple charts on screen
  • - Seamless integration with the rest of Prosperse
  • - Quality of life improvements

Custom Built Charting System

Our new charts are built with familiarity in mind, but from the ground up. We've start with simplicity in mind and are focused on the core charting system as we evaluate and workout any bugs.

Prosperse custom built chart

We believe this change is important to the growth of Prosperse as it gives us complete control over our systems. With the help and support of our community we will find plenty of features we can add to our charts.

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Maximum Performance and User Experience

At Prosperse, we don't just believe in performance, we live by it. From instantaneous alerts, 24/7 scanning, and rapid page loads, our charting system was built with a performance first approach.

By building our own code to display charts, we have full control over what we want to include in our system. This lets us focus on the features our users want and will use, reducing bloat, and un-necessary features greatly.

Our initial tests found around a 72% reduction in build size and load times. Under the worst circumstances where 8 panes are visible, each with multiple complex indicators, our charts still average over 100fps when dragging around. This is hard to demo or show with a picture, so go on and give it a try yourself!

We believe user experience is of upmost importance, and the less time spent waiting on loading screens leads to the best user enjoyment. Our goal is for our users to be excited about using our app, as we believe this is another step in that direction.

Multi-ticker View With Multiple Charts on Screen

One gripe we heard from users was that only one ticker's chart data was visible at once. This was a limitation with our previous charting library, and we are excited to announce that we now support up to 6 an multi-pane view! We could increase this in the future, but for now this is a strong starting point.

Prosperse multi chart view

Each pane can be on a different ticker, timespan, and have its own drawings and indicators! All while still streaming real-time data as fast as we are getting it. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Our plans are to have charts on our dashboard that is full-featured, alongside other widgets and tools you may use commonly. We will also provide a charting page that is full screen so you can easily monitor many charts at once.

Seamless Integration With the Rest of Prosperse

Due to our systems being so custom, having a custom charting system lets us build features alongside and intertwined to our charts.

The first non-charting feature already in the works include an easy to set price-alert system. We want you to be able to set, view, and customize price alerts right from our charts. While this is nothing new or groundbreaking, it was a limitation we were experiencing with our previous system.

We were not a fan of building on-top of a system that wasn't ours, especially since we needed to build modifications and work-arounds. It's not that it wasn't possible, its just not our preference. We love building, and found this experience valuable and rewarding to us, and our users.

Quality of Life Improvements

Charting isn't the only thing we have been working on. We have improved our guided tour with the intention to help new users get accustomed to our scanners. We've removed extra steps, cleaned up our scanners so its faster and easier to get started.

Other small features include scanner templates, this lets you get started with common indicators with one click! Cloning scanners was a requested feature, as users liked making small adjustments to complex scanners with varying conditions - this is now easy to do with a single click on the scanner page.

We are also in the works of adding over 30 different indicators and assertions to our scanners! This will let you create even more scanners and build your dream setups so they run automatically. We will be sharing more details on these new indicators and setups soon.

Thanks For Your Continued Support

To close this dev blog off, we just want to express our gratitude for all users of Prosperse. We believe the future holds great things and we are excited to make the scanning process better for the next generation of traders and investors.

Our workflows are getting better, and we intend on releasing features faster than ever before. We would love to hear from you if there are any features or requests you would like to see!

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