Discounts in Big Tech: Nvidia's Surge and the Market's Response

Evaluating Investment Opportunities as Nvidia Eyes Apple's Crown

Last updated: Mar 7, 2024

Author: Nathan Nobert

In another twist in the tech industry, Nvidia ($NVDA) has emerged as a powerhouse, threatening to surpass the market capitalization of Apple ($AAPL). This shift highlights the growing importance of AI technology in driving company valuations and market dynamics.

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Meanwhile, tech giants like Google ($GOOG) and Apple have seen their stock prices wane, failing to keep pace with the AI hype. These developments suggest potential discount opportunities for investors, as technical indicators like the RSI hint at these giants being oversold.

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Key Takeaways

  • - Nvidia's ascent highlights the growing market value of AI technology.
  • - Big Tech's recent price dips could offer strategic buying opportunities.
  • - The overall bullish trend in the stock market contrasts with Big Tech's performance, indicating a potential market correction or realignment.

Mentioned Stock Prices

  • NVDA:881.897 (-2.66%)
  • AAPL:176.571 (0.9%)
  • GOOG:159.218 (-0.97%)

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Nvidia's Unprecedented Rise

Here is the last year of daily candles for $NVDA stock. As we can see, a consistent and strong rise and taking around 300% annual gain.

Nvidia's daily stock chart over the last year

Driven by its dominant position in AI and deep learning technologies, Nvidia's market performance has captivated investors' attention worldwide. As Nvidia gears up to challenge Apple's market cap, the implications for investors and the broader tech industry are profound.

In addition to Nvidia's significant annual gains, the company's strategic focus on AI and deep learning technologies has positioned it as an indispensable player in the tech industry. Nvidia's GPUs are not just powering gaming computers but are at the heart of AI research and development, driving advancements in autonomous vehicles, data centers, and more.

This unique positioning underscores Nvidia's potential to not only rival but possibly exceed Apple's market capitalization, marking a pivotal moment in the tech world. The question for investors now is whether they can foresee Nvidia's continued trajectory upwards, making it a potentially lucrative but calculated risk.

For a deeper understanding of Nvidia's role in AI technology and its market impact, see our analysis in Nvidia Earnings and Market Impact.

Apple's Shocking Downfall

Here is the last year of daily candles for $AAPL stock. Surprisingly, Apple has been on a downtrend since the beginning of the year, with only a 12% gain in the last 12 months.

Apple's daily stock chart over the last year

Apple's recent downtrend is particularly startling given its historical performance as a market leader. This downturn could reflect market saturation, regulatory pressures, or perhaps a temporary lag in innovation.

However, for the astute investor, this presents a potential opportunity. If Apple's core business remains solid and its foray into new areas like augmented reality (AR) and wearables continues to gain traction, this "downfall" could be seen as a temporary blip rather than a long-term trend.

Investors might consider this an opportune moment to acquire shares at a discount, betting on Apple's history of resilience and innovation for a rebound.

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The Current State of Big Tech Stocks

With the general stock market hitting all-time highs and the S&P 500 finishing green in 17 of the last 19 weeks, it's a bull run that's left few behind. However, Big Tech stocks like Google and Apple present unique buying opportunities as their recent dips may not fully reflect their long-term value and potential for rebound.

While the S&P 500's bull run has been impressive, the divergence in the performance of Big Tech stocks highlights the nuanced landscape of the current market. Investors observing the market's overall health may find the disparities in Big Tech's performance a compelling narrative of market correction and realignment. For strategies on how to capitalize on market trends, see 7 Essential Tools Every Investor Needs

As Nvidia strides forward, companies like Google and Apple, despite their recent drops, still hold significant potential for growth. These disparities offer a strategic play for investors—balancing the excitement around AI's frontier technologies with the robust, enduring value that giants like Google and Apple offer.

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