The Magnificent 7 Stocks: Dominating the S&P 500

Exploring the Growth and Future of Tech Giants in 2024

Last updated: Feb 24, 2024

Author: Nathan Nobert

The "Magnificent 7" stocks, comprising Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta Platforms, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Tesla, have been at the forefront of the S&P 500's explosive growth. These tech giants have not only revolutionized their respective industries but are also leading the charge in the development and application of generative AI, setting the stage for continued dominance in 2024.

With a whopping 657% growth combined over the last year (at the time of writing), the Magnificent 7 are the driving force behind the S&P 500's growth. I can't imagine anyone that would not want to have these stocks in their portfolio, or at least on their watchlist.

Current stock prices

  • GOOGL:157.744 (-1.03%)
  • AMZN:186.14 (-1.54%)
  • AAPL:176.571 (0.9%)
  • META:511.853 (-2.15%)
  • MSFT:421.894 (-1.41%)
  • NVDA:881.897 (-2.66%)
  • TSLA:171.067 (-2.04%)
Graph Showing Growth of the Magnificent 7

Most of the Magnificent 7 companies are pioneering in the generative AI space, driving innovation and creating new opportunities across sectors. This focus on AI not only underscores their commitment to leading technological advancements but also positions them to capitalize on this transformative trend.

Key Takeaways

  • - Generative AI is rapidly becoming a cornerstone of innovation for the Magnificent 7.
  • - These companies' investments in AI technologies are setting new industry standards.
  • - The continued growth of these tech giants is intrinsically linked to their AI initiatives.
  • - A look at each companies' stock growth over the last year.

Each of the Magnificent 7 companies brings unique strengths to the table, from Google's dominance in search and information to Tesla's revolutionary impact on the electric vehicle market. Here's a closer look at what makes each company a key player in the S&P 500.

We'll also explore the growth of each company's stock over the last year, and how they are positioned to continue their dominance in the future. The S&P 500 has seen significant growth over the last year, and these companies are largely to thank for that.

There are concerns that the rest of the S&P500 is struggling, and that the Magnificent 7 are propping up the index. This is a valid concern, but the reality is that these companies are driving the future of the economy, and their growth is well deserved.

Google: The Information Behemoth

  • Google's unparalleled search engine capabilities and vast ecosystem of products have solidified its position as a leader in the digital age. With ongoing investments in AI, cloud computing, and autonomous technologies, Google continues to pave the way for future innovations.
  • Google stock has grown 61% in the last year. This is a significant increase, and it shows that the company is well positioned for future growth.
  • Focus on AI and cloud computing has been a key driver of Google's growth.
Google's annual stock growth

Amazon: E-commerce and Cloud Computing Titan

  • Amazon's dual dominance in e- commerce and cloud computing through Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been a cornerstone of its growth. Its innovative logistics, consumer services, and vast cloud infrastructure have set industry benchmarks, making it a critical player in global markets.
  • Amazon stock is up 86% in the last year. There is no stopping Amazon, and its growth is a testament to its continued dominance in the e- commerce and cloud computing sectors.
  • AWS continues to be a key driver of Amazon's growth.
Amazon's annual stock growth

Apple: Innovating Consumer Electronics

  • Apple's unparalleled ability to innovate and market consumer electronics has made it a beloved brand worldwide. From the iPhone to the MacBook, Apple's products have set the standard for quality and user experience, while its services division continues to grow exponentially.
  • Apple stock is up 23% over the last year. This is a display of continued growth, and keeps Apple as a key player in the consumer electronics market.
  • Apple's division of products has been a key driver of its growth. With cutting edge products like the iPhone and MacBook, Apple continues to set the standard for quality and user experience.
Apple's annual stock growth

Meta: Shaping Social Media and Virtual Realities

  • Meta Platforms, formerly Facebook, has redefined how people connect online. Its investment in virtual and augmented reality technologies signals its ambition to lead in the next digital frontier, making it a key player in shaping future communication and media consumption.
  • Meta stock is up an astonishing 185% in the last year. This is a testament to the company's continued growth and its position as a leader in the social media and virtual reality sectors.
  • Meta has invested massive amounts into research and development, and this has been a key driver of its growth. Mark Zuckerberg is not afraid to invest in the future as has been very upfront with this statement.
Meta's annual stock growth

Microsoft: The Software and Cloud Giant

  • Microsoft's legacy in software development has evolved into leading innovations in cloud computing and enterprise services. Its Azure platform and productivity software continue to be indispensable tools for businesses worldwide, driving its growth in the tech sector.
  • Microsoft stock is up 64% in the last year. Their role in enterprise services and cloud computing has continued to pay off as they show no signs of slowing down.
  • Microsoft's investment into AI, including OpenAi, has been a key driver of its growth. Their ability to integrate AI into their products will shape the future of enterprise services.
Microsoft's annual stock growth

Nvidia: Pioneering Graphics and AI Technologies

  • Nvidia's groundbreaking work in graphics processing units (GPUs) for gaming and professional markets has extended into AI and deep learning technologies. Its GPUs are critical for AI research and applications, positioning Nvidia as a leader in both entertainment and technological innovation.
  • Nvidia stock is up the most, at a whopping 235% in the last year. With AI computing and chip manufacturing, Nvidia has exploded as a key player in the tech sector.
  • Everyone knows that Nvidia's GPUs are critical for AI research and applications, and this has been a key driver of its growth. As long as the AI hype train is going, Nvidia will go with it.
Nvidia's annual stock growth

Tesla: Revolutionizing Electric Vehicles and Energy

  • Tesla has not only revolutionized the electric vehicle industry but also made significant strides in sustainable energy solutions. Its commitment to innovation extends beyond automotive to battery technology and solar energy products, marking it as a leader in the green technology revolution.
  • Tesla stock is the only one that has decreased, down 7% in the last year. This is significant compared to the other companies, but it is important to note that Tesla has been a key player in the electric vehicle and energy sectors.
  • While other vehicle manufacturing companies are struggling to compete with scale, Tesla has been able to maintain its position as a leader in the electric vehicle and energy sectors. Their diverse product line will open up new opportunities for growth in the future.
Tesla's annual stock growth

Whats Next for The Magnificent 7?

As we conclude our exploration of the "Magnificent 7" — the powerhouse stocks that continue to define excellence within the S&P 500 — it's evident that their sustained growth has not only shaped the contours of the market but also signaled the trends that will likely dictate the economic landscape in 2024 and beyond.

Google's command of information, Amazon's reign over e-commerce, Apple's innovation in consumer tech, Meta's social and virtual reality frontier, Microsoft's cloud and software dominance, Nvidia's GPU and AI expertise, and Tesla's trailblazing in electric vehicles collectively weave a tapestry of technological prowess and market leadership.

The dynamism of these companies, emblematic of their respective industries, underscores a broader narrative of resilience and foresight in a world where technology and sustainability are the new currencies of power. As generative AI becomes a pivotal frontier, their strategic positions are not just commendable but exemplary, serving as a beacon for investors and competitors alike.

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