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Custom Multi-Stock Alerts

Get notified in real-time when your conditions are met.

Create & Test Custom Alert Strategies.

Use our no-code strategy builder to craft custom alerts across the entire stock market.

Unlimited Possibilities, Minimal Effort

Build any condition with a few clicks, and screen the entire stock market simultaneously.

Prosperse custom scanner

Instant Results

Manually run your scanners, or let them run automatically - you will get notifications when your conditions are met.

Prosperse custom scanner

Strategy Testing

Validate your strategies with our backtesting tool. See how your conditions would have performed in historical markets.

Prosperse backtester

All-in-one Dashboard

Manage charting, scan results & alerts, watchlists, and live positions all in one place.

Prosperse custom screener

Simple, Powerful Charting

A custom charting experience built from the ground up to provide and all-in-one experience.

Prosperse custom screener

Advanced Investment Tools

Determine your investment returns, and build confidence in your portfolio.

Investment Returns Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

How can stock alerts benefit my trading strategy?

Stock alerts provide timely notifications when stocks meet specific criteria you set. By receiving alerts on price movements, volume spikes, or other indicators, you can stay informed and seize opportunities quickly, enhancing your trading strategy.

Are stock alerts worth using for active traders?

Stock alerts are invaluable for active traders, offering real-time updates on market conditions and potential trading opportunities. With instant notifications tailored to your preferences, you can make informed decisions and react promptly to market changes.

How can stock alerts benefit passive or less active traders?

Stock alerts are valuable tools even for passive or less active traders. By receiving notifications on significant market events or changes in stock prices, passive traders can stay informed about their investments without constantly monitoring the market. Alerts can prompt them to take action when necessary, helping them make informed decisions and optimize their portfolio performance over time.

How do stock alerts help in identifying breakout opportunities?

Stock alerts are instrumental in identifying breakout opportunities by monitoring key indicators such as price movements, volume surges, or technical patterns. By setting alert criteria for breakout conditions, you can capitalize on emerging trends and seize profitable trading opportunities.

What features should I look for in a stock alert service?

When choosing a stock alert service, look for features such as customizable alerts, real-time data, reliable notifications, and comprehensive market coverage. A robust alert system can provide you with the information you need to execute trades effectively and stay ahead of market movements.

Is real-time data included in stock alert services?

Yes! You will receive real-time data with all of our services, immediately accessible to you. Real-time data ensures that you receive timely notifications and stay updated on market developments, giving you a competitive edge in your trading endeavors.

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