Strategy Builder Guide

The Prosperse condition builder is based off of Boolean logic. This means that you can create complex conditions by combining multiple conditions together. This allows you to create any strategy you can imagine, without having to write any code.

Boolean Types

At the top of left of the condition builder, you will see a dropdown which lets you select the type of operation you want to use. The default operation is "And", which will include "All" conditions. The other options are "Or" and "None".

  • And: This will trigger if all of the following conditions are satified
  • Or: This will trigger if any of the conditions are satisfied
  • None: This will trigger if none of the conditions are satisfied
Hovering over the conditions dropdown
Selecting the conditions dropdown

You can also create nested groups of conditions by clicking the 'Add' button, and selecting 'Group'. This will create a new group of conditions that can be combined with the other conditions in the group.

Nested conditions

Operator Types

Currently there are 2 condition types:

  • Assertion: This is a single operation that will trigger when met.
  • Condition: This is an operation where you can compare two values or operations.
Types of conditions


An assertion is a statement of truth. For example, our strategy can assert that we want the last candle to be green. We would select 'Assertion', and select 'Green Candle'.

An assertion operator that states the last candle will be green

You can click the arrow to change the operation type. Prosperse currently offers the following assertion operators:

Hovering the dropdown for assertion operators
A list of all the assertion operators Prosperse supports


A condition is a comparison between two values. For example, our strategy can compare the current price to the 50 day moving average. We would select 'Condition', and set the last 'candles close' to be greater than the last 'SMA 50'.

An example of a basic condition

You can set operators on each side of the middle boolean operator. Here is the list of boolean operations you can compare each side too:

Hovering over the middle operator
Selecting the middle operator

You can click the arrow to change the operation type. Prosperse currently offers the following condition operators:

Hovering the option for condition operators
A list of all the condition operators Prosperse supports

Other Options

You can select the timespan for the condition to have more control.

Hovering over the timespan selection
Selecting the timespan

You can change the field where it states 'Last' to select the specific candle for the condition

Hovering over the candles selection
Typing in the candles selection
Viewing the selected candles

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