Executing Scanners

While we specialize in automated scanning, we do offer the ability to manually execute a scanner. This will immediately provide you with any available results in a new tab.

The benefit to this is that you can quickly execute a scanner to see if there are any results, and then view charts and make informed decisions.

Check our previous section to learn how to create scanners, we go over adding multiple conditions and all options for scanners.

Viewing and Running Your Screeners

Here we have our list of scanners, viewable from the scanners page in Prosperse. From the list of options on the ride side of the grid, the play button will instantly execute our scanner.

Executing a prosperse scanner

After clicking the play button, a new tab will open with the results of our scanner. This will show us the results of our scanner, and we can click on any of the results to view the chart.

Keep in mind that these results will not be stored, and will be cleared if you change tabs or pages. The scan results that do save are the automated ones that can be found at any time.

Now that you have tested your scanner with some manual results, you can wait for automated results. Your screener is running in the background 24/7, and will notify you via email when results come in.

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